Access control System

Cost efficient access control solutions that are works for single system and multi door system in a single software has all connected in TCP/IP Network. Access control is an electronics locking solutions integrated with different electronics gadgets and accessories such as Standalone or multi-door Access controllers, Bio metric, HID/Mifare/RFID readers, Electric strike lock or Electro-magnetic lock, door contact or read sensor, Push button or rex switch, Break glass or Panic buttons, backup power suppliers and battery bank.

Components of an access control system include:

  • An access control panel also known as a controller.
  • An access-controlled entry, such as a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barrier.
  • A UHF/ HID/Mifare/RFID reader installed near the entry.
  • Locking hardware, such as Electric door strikes, Bolt locks, Shear locks, Rim Locks and Electromagnetic locks.
  • A magnetic door switch, door contact or reed switch for monitoring door position.
  • Request-to-exit (REX / Push Button / Break Glass / Push bar / Panic Button) devices for allowing egress. When a REX button is pushed, or the motion detector detects motion at the door, the door alarm is temporarily ignored while the door is opened. Exiting a door without having to electrically unlock the door is called mechanical free egress. In cases where the lock must be electrically unlocked on exit, the request-to-exit device also unlocks the door.

Access Control Server Computer: The "brain" of the access control system. Serves as the central database and file manager for the access control system; and is responsible for recording system activity, and distributing information to and from the access control field panel


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